Monday, March 24, 2014

Episode 57: Literal Reality

It's been one year since our reboot, and we've got 52 episodes to show for it. This week on the Enginerdy show D Viddy and St Jimmy go it alone and talk about nerd created words, getting yourself inside video games and parrot stool pigeons.

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Music Provided by:
Greg Gibbs / Most Guitars Are Made of Trees
Azure Blue / Catcher In The Rye
Derek Clegg / You Remind Me of No One
Krestovsky / A Mile High and Circling
The Atomic Gardens / Time For Heroes
The Golden Hours / My Feet Beneath The Water
The Sliders / Coming Around
Audio Episode 57 Literal Reality.mp3


  1. So, does one get nerd cread for googling show topics while your talking about them? Cause I find that I am doing that more and more evey week.


  2. The chilern in Ender's Game That is why they were authorized a three in a world where only two childern were allowed. And the first bugger war decimated millions of lives. This is why the ruthlessness was considered appropriate to the peoples of the world.


  3. OK to clarify, The children in enders game were genetically modified to excell in combat strategy while still having the right blend of ruthless ness and compasion. His brother was too ruthless and sister was too compasionate. Hence they were authorized to have a third.

    My original comment was intended to point out that although he wasa a kid he was specifically engineered to be the harbringer of death. Hence they didn't really give too shakes about what he thought as they needed him to feel disallusioned so that he would perfom as engineered.

    Now St. Jimmy I am sure this still contains numerous gramatical errors, but please review for content. yout not my third grade teacher. (she has about 100lbs on you)