Monday, April 14, 2014

Episode 60: Pod Cats

This week on the Enginerdy Show St Jimmy talks about brain games and medical advances in walking, D Viddy discusses spirits on Mars and rail guns while Mister Pold is somewhere on Earth, ankle deep in washer water.

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Greg Gibbs / Most Guitars Are Made of Trees
Amil Byleckie / What's in the Bag Old Man
Mother of Pearl / Heaven
Party People in a Can / Surfing with my 2 Little Brothers
Sharelle / You and Me
Stefana Fratila / The Hunt

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  1. Sorry for the lateness of this but... Yes, I have read the Enders Game book, and my discussions related to the Fist and Second both being genetically modified is really only in the book. Though once you have read the book it becomes obvious why being a "Third" is such a big deal.

    Note I have also read the follow on books but don't really recommend them as Enders Game is the best. IMO