Sunday, May 24, 2015

Episode 118: Long Road to London

This week the enginerds socialize with other podcasts, St. Jimmy drives across the tundra, and D Viddy gets sniped by a fish.

Music Provided By:

Greg Gibbs / Most Guitars Are Made of Trees
Bidibop / Water
Gringo Star / All Y'All
Kestovsky / A Mile High and Circling
Liam Stewart / Sooner
Nicky Cook / Shaking
R. Stevie Moore / Just Like Me

1 comment:

  1. Hey guys, great show. The audio sounds better than ever with the new mixer. You should figure out how to Skype in another line because it would be fun to join you for an episode. Since I wasn't there to say it on the episode I wanted to put in my .02 cents (see what I did there?) on this episode.

    D Viddy, I knew your word of the day. That's why I started calling raspberries, rasp-drupes, since they are technically drupes not berries.

    On the tire pressure discussion, it depends a lot on the percentage of the maximum load you are at as to what the pressure you should run. On the stock tires for my truck the maximum pressure was 80 psi, but since I wasn't fully loaded all the time most people on forums recommended running 80% of the maximum cold pressure listed on the tire. That put me at 65 psi, which is way more than small cars are going to be running at. My new off-road tires are about 4 inches wider than the stock tires so there is a lot more surface area on the road to distribute the load to, so I run about 45-50 psi on the highway to get the best fuel economy, and about 30 psi off-road for better traction.

    On the transworld highway, you should check out Ewan McGregor's documentary Long Way Round, where they rode motorcycles from London to New York City. It was 20,000 miles and took 119 days. Though without the multitrillion ruble highway they probably moved a lot slower than the 2 weeks D Viddy could drive it in.

    Finally, speaking of driving fast, the Cannonball Run was completed a couple years ago by a car dealership manager from Florida in 28 hours and 50 minutes in a modified Mercedes-Benz sedan. There's a great Car Stuff podcast all about it.

    Thanks for the great show and let me know when you get back the ability to Skype in again since I obviously have a lot on my mind during each of your episodes. Take care!